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Is it possible that policy affects our sleep?

"...One of the most important things for well-being is sleep. Not having enough sleep has repercussions on health, memory, abilities, and mood. Health organizations, such as the United States National Sleep Foundation and the CDC, suggest a range between seven and nine hours of sleep is appropriate for adults, and while it may change by age group and by country, we had surprising findings for Israelis..."

Businesswoman with Mask

Public Sector Employee’s Emotional Well-Being in Challenging Time

“…The findings revealed that the country context and the work surroundings were more influential than the fact of belonging to the public sector. Another interesting finding was that soft features of the work environment, such as discretion over the workday, a good work-life balance, and social interactions, were more important to emotional well-being than hard features, such as the type of contract or position (e.g., managerial)…”

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Thoughts About Time in Times of Quarantine

“…During the last weeks of the Covid-19 pandemic, reality has reframed itself. It seems the only way to maintain our well-being is to focus on the present moment. Furthermore, the situation has led us to alter the way we use our time, and this suggests a more profound question – how do we want to use our time? ….. In recent study we examined the connection between uses of time and well-being based on data collected in 34 countries. Our findings indicated that uses of time have an effect on well-being but are expressed differently in various welfare regimes…”

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Member Highlight: Lihi Lahat

“…While most quality-of-life studies include policy implications, and applied research is a cornerstone of the field, I feel that more collaboration between public administration and public policy researchers and quality-of-life researchers is needed. This collaboration can help assimilate research findings into real life…”

Assembly Hall

The Hidden Challenges of the Current Government

Maariv, 31/5/2015

Students Typing at Their Computers

The Growing Gaps in Education

The Marker, Haaretz, 7/2/2013.

Yen Coins

The War is not between Capitalists and Socialists

The Marker, Haaretz 23/10/2008


The Ugly Face of the Government

The Marker, Haaretz, 26/5/2008

Clover Leaves

Leave Ireland

Haaretz, 20/4/2006.

Packing Boxes

We Can't Forget the People

The Marker, Haaretz 31/5/2005.

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