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Book Chapters

Sher-Hadar, N., Lahat, L & Galnoor, I. (Eds.)

Collaborative Governance. Theory and Lessons
from Israel
(Palgrave -Macmillan). And in Hebrew (2022).
Van Leer Institute Press and Hakibutz Hameuhad

Collaborative governance pic.jpg
משילות משולבת בישראל
Collaborative governance.png

Lahat, L., & Sher Hadar, N.  (2019) Coping with the implementation challenge: Decision-making strategies and their implications for collaborative governance. In Editors: Kekez, A., Howlett, M. and Ramesh, M. Collaboration in Public Service Delivery: Promise and Pitfalls. (pp.255-267). Edward Elgar – Open access. 


Apel, N., & Lahat, L. (2021). Example: The Partnership for Regional Sustainability as a Collaborative Governance Arrangement. In Sher Hadar, N., Lahat, L & Galnoor, I. (Eds.) Collaborative Governance: Theory and Lessons from Israel (pp. 267-275). Palgrave Macmillan, Cham.

Book Reviews


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Lahat, L. (2008). Social Justice, Legitimacy and the Welfare State, Steffen Mau and Benjamin Veghte (Eds.), Journal of Social Security, 78, 160-164. 

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